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Founded in 1983, Maytronics is a global leader in the swimming pool industry, specializing in pool water solutions, aiming to create "an" exceptional water experience. Our products include a wide variety of robotic pool cleaners, pool-safety products, and water treatment systems. We are proud of the environment-friendly nature of our products, representing a sustainable offering that contributes to more efficient energy, water and chemical usage for pool owners pool maintenance.

Maytronics's leading product line, the Dolphin pool cleaning robots, is a highly recognized global brand. Dolphin robotic pool cleaners continuously set new industry standards for innovative technology, design, reliability, service and most important, meeting our brand promise of exceptional pool water experience - bringing a superior level of cleaning to the pool water.

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Maytronics in the Pool Market – A Story of Growth

Over the last 10 years, Maytronics became the no.1 player in each of the markets it operates in. Our share in the global robotic pool cleaners market grew consistently to 48% of the residential and 44% of the public pool market*. Our technology, service, distribution channels, product range, business focus, under the umbrella of our product and marketing strategies, drove this growth, supported by a strong organizational culture and a strategy of creating significant long-term relationships with everyone and in every aspect of our business.

Blue Ocean – Opportunities and an Immense Potential For Growth

The global swimming pool market is a niche market estimated at approximately 28.5 million pools worldwide*. We see vast potential for long term growth in this market which will come from increasing the awareness to the robotic technology and its superiority over all the other cleaning methods.

The Robotic Pool Cleaning Technology

Maytronics Dolphin is a smart solution that can thoroughly clean any shape and surface of a pool, under any conditions. Using algorithms, sensors, and advanced navigation software, the robot learns the best and shortest way to navigate the pool and adapts itself to the pool's shape and in-pool obstacles to maximize performance and efficiency. The robot is equipped with an efficient and easy-to-use filter for both fine and rough debris and an active brushing system that removes bacteria and algae from pool surfaces including floors and walls.

The Dolphin also includes a water-flow mobility system that enables the robot to cover the entire pool area, keep close to walls, efficiently clean along the waterline, navigate and extract itself from obstacles. By using the robot, customers save substantial amounts of electricity, water, and chemicals, enjoy an exceptional experience of a pure, clean and safe pool, and while peace of mind.

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Note: The company does not have official or verified figures, the details regarding the number of pools, and market shares are an internal estimates by the Company, which are based on data received from the Company’s distributors and the assessments of various entities in the pool industry, and therefore does not constitute certified or precise information.