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Lifestyle 23/07/23

Maytronics' Commitment to Sustainability and ESG Responsibility: Achieving Impressive Results

Maytronics, a leading company in the pool cleaning robot industry, comprehends the significance of sustainability and corporate responsibility. By concentrating on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water consumption, and paper usage, Maytronics shows its commitment to minimizing environmental impact. This blog delves into their notable achievements and initiatives in sustainability and their dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility.


7 Best Robotic Pool Algae Cleaners in 2023

Nothing beats a private pool for its sheer blue-green sparkling cool. It’s like a piece of Eden in your backyard. But wait, what is all that slimy green, yellow, pink and black on the sides of the pool?! This is every pool owner’s worst nightmare. Algae. It contaminates equipment and bathing suits, and decreases pool circulation and sanitation.


6 Best Small Pool Cleaners in 2023

Choosing a robotic pool vacuum cleaner for your small pool can be a laborious task when you consider the types and features available for each robot. Rest assured, we can help, after all, we have over thirty years of experience in the pool industry. In this article we’ll provide our top choices for the six best pool cleaners for your small pool in 2023.