Vision, Mission & Values

Leading The Way To Make Your Pool Water Exceptional, for Pure Enjoyment

Our Mission

To develop cutting edge technological water solutions, that will enable pool owners to enjoy their pools with minimum hassle

Maytronics Values


We’re committed to achieving the best possible results for our customers and for Maytronics. Accepting nothing less than excellence by managers and employees alike, and using only the best materials and processes, we ensure the highest quality products and services.

Innovation & Creativity

Our leadership position and competitive advantage are fueled by our passion for fresh and original thought. We encourage team members to experiment and be bold.

Integrity & Fairness

Honesty, personal ethics, being loyal to the truth and playing fair, guide our decision-making and behavior in all aspects of our work. We view this as a foundation value of Maytronics.

Teamwork & Collaboration

Our success as a company depends on us all pulling together to achieve our goals. We nurture an environment of mutual respect, listening and appreciation for the diverse talents and capabilities that are in each and every one of us.

Personal Responsibility

Each of us is committed to the organization and its success, even in challenging times. At Maytronics we say "leave it to me", and we always follow through.

Customer Focus

We place our customers' satisfaction above everything else. Understanding and empathizing with their needs and providing an experience that is beyond expectations determine the tasks and priorities in every part of Maytronics.