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Maytronics sees its employees as strategic partners and an essential part of its core business, as well as the key to the company's success. Employees are the people who made it possible and allowed Maytronics to become the world's largest supplier of robotic pool cleaners. Therefore Maytronics is committed to the development of its employees and to providing them with an appropriate and responsible organizational culture, with high standards of welfare and well-being for their benefit. The Human Resources section, in collaboration with line managers and senior management, is responsible for overseeing all aspects of working conditions. At Maytronics, we are committed to the mutual respect and dignity of our employees in order to maintain a robust work environment that provides protection and respect for employee privacy and reputation. Maytronics works to maintain an open and continuous dialogue with its employees: this includes a dedicated application that gives all employees direct access to management. Employees may submit anonymous complaints or inquiries about any matter and receive a response within a reasonable amount of time.

Our Employees

As of December 2022, Maytronics employs almost 2,000 people globally. At Maytronics, our employees and managers are the most important and essential component for the company's success. In recent years, we have continuously hired more talented people, as our workforce doubled within two years.

Promoting Diversity and Equal Opportunity

At Maytronics, we prohibit any form of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, personal condition, nationality, ethnicity, disability, or age. Our employees are a social mosaic, as we offer diverse employment options in a rewarding and developing work environment in research and development, program development, project management, marketing and sales, operations, supply chain, production and more.

When recruiting new employees, the company promotes gender quality, employment from rural areas, students, and Neve Malkishua graduates as explained here. The company also employs people with disabilities, and works with different groups to outsource employees with disabilities.

Occupational Discourse with Local Communities

Northern region of Israel and provide occupational opportunities for a wide range of diverse populations. Over 90% of our workforce in Israel lives in rural areas, and we are committed to provide 40 full-time positions to kibbutz Yizre’el residents, which, in 2022, accounted for approximately 2% 
of the company’s workforce.

Furthermore, we encourage a work culture based on mutual respect, dignity and honesty among all
our employees. We view our responsibility for social growth by promoting diversity and inclusion 
within our workforce.

Employee Welfare and Well-being

At Maytronics, we want every employee to know how much they matter. Throughout the year, we celebrate all holidays, organize team-building activities and company events, give presents on holidays, birthdays and pivotal moments. We make sure that all employees are satisfied with their jobs and show our appreciation of their hard work. However, we are also compassionate towards personal problems, provide health and mental support, and are present during the rough times.

Since 2014, Maytronics has purchased a collective health insurance program that fully covers all permanent employees. In addition, Maytronics addresses the matters of employee's health and safety with extreme caution. By that, we provide our employees safety trainings and instructions. In addition, we perform analysis of safety risks at work in order to determine safety conditions in the manufacturing units and prevent them from happening in the future.

A Safe Place to Be Heard – Several mechanisms have been put in place for employees to share any work-related questions or raise concerns. Employees can contact designated HR representatives located in every department, or submit anonymous complaints through Maytronics' internal communication system, "A Place to Be Heard". The HR department is responsible for handling
all issues and complaints raised by employees.


Training and Development Programs

We work hard to empower our employees and promote personal and professional development at work, by providing a variety of training and development programs. Programs range from general training sessions for new employees regardless to their position, to individual coaching by professional external consultants for managers and senior employees. Furthermore, we have built several promotion and career advancement paths, to create a system that both meets the needs of the organization and
of the employees, and takes into account employees' goals and ambitions.

When employees are facing a crossroads in their own career, we provide them with personal guidance. Employees, according to their conditions and the company's needs, are eligible for scholarships and vacation days to successfully finish their academic studies.

Maytronics provides its employees with remuneration programs based on individual progress and professional achievements. As part of our policy that our employees are the key to mutual success,
and with the aim to maintain its workers, all employees are granted a bonus based on the company's achievements that amounts to 10% of its net profit. Compensation is given in accordance with company remuneration policies, as approved by the board of directors.


Contributing to Local Communities

We believe in giving back to the community that surround us, by volunteering with various organizations and donating to nonprofits that share the same social values that we have as a company. Over the past few years, we have donated overand average of 250,000 NIS each year to organizations that empower people with disabilities and encourage health and wellness.

 Furthermore, in 2022, our employees volunteered over 120 hours through HELPI, a volunteering platform that allows employees to choose where and how they would
like to spend their hours giving back to the community. We further support social businesses that hire disadvantage populations, by purchasing holiday gifts for our employees.

In March, we celebrated the "Do a good deed" day, where Maytronics employees volunteered in women shelters and homes for people with special needs, andrenovated and painted homes, and cooked food for those in need.


Neve Malkishua Association

A rehabilitation center for adults and adolescences located in the north of Israel. The center treats victims of drugs, alcohol and other addictions and helps them return to normal life as independent individuals, assisting them to integrate socially and at work. Since 2001, Maytronics has been collaborating with the MalkishuaAssociation and up to now has offered opportunities for over 450
youth and adults.

Every year, Maytronics trains and recruits employees from the center, giving a “second chance” by enabling them to integrate into the labor market. After being hired by Maytronics, the company also assists Malkishua’s residents in finding living arrangement at hostels and other associations, along with commuting to work. As part of our collaboration with the Malkishua Association, Maytronics employees are involved with several activities at the center, preparations for job interviews and training sessions regarding integration in the labor market as well as with leisure activities such as arts & crafts, biking trips and more.