Resource Consumption & GHG Emissions


decrease in GHG 
emission intensity
 in 2022 vs. 2020



decrease in water
consumption intensity
in 2022 vs. 2020



decrease in Paper and 
cardboard consumption 
intensity in 2021 vs. 2019


The expansion in production at Maytronics over the past years has an impact on the company's consumption of resources, such as water and energy. In order to manage our resources responsibly, Maytronics has devised a set of tools to measure, monitor and collect environmental data regarding 
the company’s consumption of resources and monitor GHG emissions.

Maytronics is certified by ISO 14001, which specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that enhances environmental performancethroughout the company.

Our Carbon Footprint

Climate change is one of the world's largest environmental challenges, and in order totackle climate change, we must first take a look at our own carbon footprint and work hard to reduce it.

Our GHG emissions are calculated as described in the GHG Protocol; scope 1 emissions (direct emissions) are derived from the fuel that is used for company vehicles. Scope 2 emissions include the company's power consumption, as is calculated via the market-based approach.

* The scope of fuel and electricity data covers all of Maytronics' Israeli sites, which account for 80% of the company's employees.

** An estimation was made for November and December 2022, as data was unavailable during this time.

While our absolute carbon emissions mainly increased due to operational changes, when examining the company's GHG intensity (ton CO2e/employee), a large decrease is observed between 2020 and 2021 with a minor increase between 2021 and 2022.We intend to decrease carbon emissions by setting carbon reduction goals and zeroing in on the primary carbon "hotspots", all while encouraging environmental sustainability practices at all sites, thereby creating a better impact on our planet.

The decrease in carbon emission intensity was mainly due to energy efficiency projects such as replacing all lighting with LED at the company’s sites in Israel, changing the vehicle fleet so that 30% of it is made of hybrid vehicles, installing solar power for independent consumption of renewable energy, and installing a newsoftware that collects and monitors real-time energy use data, to analyze and make decisions that advance energy efficiency.

In addition, over 20% of Maytronics total electricity consumption derives of renewable energy, solar power that is produced in Yizrael, home to Maytronics' primary manufacturing facility.

Life-cycle Analysis – Dolphin S200 Family Series

Maytronics is responsible not only for its own carbon footprint, but for its products' supply chain.
In November 2022, we evaluated the carbon footprint of our primary family series pool cleaning robot, from "cradle to gate". In other words, the analysis included the manufacturing of raw materials, the transportation of material to manufacturing sites, and the entire manufacturing process up to the stage of the final product. The overall carbon footprint is estimated at 105.8 kg of CO2e.

Water Management

Maytronics constantly strives to reduce its water consumption. In 2022, Maytronics'two main sites consumed a total of 22,680 m3 of water. The company's water consumption intensity dramatically decreases in 2022, when compared to the 2019 baseline. We wish to continue our water efficiency initiatives and are currently undergoing the process of examining the possibility to install graywater systems to even further reuse water and decrease our consumption.

* The scope of water consumption data covers Maytronics' two main Israeli sites, which account for 75% 
   of the company's employees.

** An estimation was made for November and December 2022, as data was unavailable during this time.

Paper and Cardboard Consumption

One of Maytronics' main resources are cardboard for product packaging and paper for instruction manuals that accompany all the company's products. In 2021, Maytronicspurchased a total 

of 1,855 tons of paper and cardboard, an increase when compared to 2019. However, when taking operational changes under consideration, the consumption intensity (tons/employee) decreased dramatically. We intend to continue this trend, all while prioritizing sustainable and recycled paper products, to minimize our environmental footprint.

Maytronics' New Campus

Due to the substantial increase in Maytonics' size over the last few years, the company approve
 the building of a campus in 2022, composed of three buildings. Located in Kibbutz Izrael, the building process heavily relies on environmental principles i.e., green landscaping, elaborate shading, energy efficiency systems and the installment of solar panels. The first two buildings are expected to be completed by 2024, and will allow for an increase in recruitment, providing jobs to more local residents.

Looking Ahead

• Creating a command and control organizational system for operational environment data.

• Expanding local storage in order to reduce shipping of products and components.