About Maytronics

Pool Enjoyment, Driven by Technology

The Maytronics brand has a beautiful origin centered around
pool enjoyment driven by innovative technology

True to our core values, the Maytronics company is motivated by our close relationships with our customers, employees, and partners. Our goal is to create the ideal pool experience by providing the best-performing pool cleaning solutions.

We believe in excellence through teamwork and collaboration and take pride in every single product we offer

After establishing robotic pool cleaning in 1983, Maytronics Ltd. became a global leader in the swimming pool industry. In what began with one robot, we now operate five subsidiaries worldwide, with two local offices in Latin America and Backyard in the United States. We have global partners in 65 countries across five continents. We collaborate with over 100 distributors ensuring full support for our customers. Our products include a variety of robotic pool cleaners, pool-safety products, and mineral-based water treatment technologies.

At Maytronics, we put great effort into giving you the perfect pool environment. Everything we do, every innovation, every test, every model, has one purpose - to ensure that every pool lives up to Maytronics’ promise of an exceptional pool experience.

Maytronics is constantly looking to the future by innovating and creating consumer-driven, value-minded, integrated pool products, services, and digital solutions to empower our customers with

no-hassle maintenance year-round

We are leading the way to make your pool water clean - for pure enjoyment