Corporate Governance & Business Ethics

Who We Are

Maytronics is a corporation that at its core is the development, production and distribution
 of equipment for swimming pools. This includes a wide range of products from robotic pool cleaners
 for residential and commercial swimming pools to pool alarms and covers for safety as well as other complimentary pool equipment such as various water treatment facilities. The company’s headquarters and manufacturing operations are located in Israel, which is where products are assembled 
and packaged. In addition, the company has operations overseas through its five subsidiaries: Maytronics US. Inc., Maytronics France, Maytronics Spain and Portugal, Bunger & Frese GmbH and Maytronics Australia Pty Ltd. These subsidiaries primarily handle worldwide marketing and distribution 
of the company’s products.

Responsible Business Conduct

Maytronics is committed to high standards of business conduct through a positive corporate governance environment that is incorporate into the entire organization. The board of directors 
is responsible for determining business strategy and targets, policies of remuneration and risk management, etc. In addition, the company's management is dedicated to incorporating Maytronics' values and vision into the day-to-day work environment.

All information regarding the board of directors, shareholders and holdings is available in the company’s financial statements and can also be found on the Israel Securities Authority Website (Maya).

The Head of EPM Infrastructure & Construction is responsible for the integration of sustainability into the company, which includes ESG disclosures, ESG policies and procedures and ESG strategic goals. In 2022, the company began working on a 5-year strategic plan which incorporates ESG-related goals, and will be implemented in all Maytronics divisions by the end of 2023.

Code of Ethics

In 2019, Maytronics has updated its code of ethics that stands as a guide for mutual rights, obligations and expectations between the company and all its stakeholders. The code of ethics describes the company's moral compass regarding Maytronics' ethical business standards and its relations among employees, which apply for every single employee, from the board of directors and senior management, to line managers and workers.

Our policy forbids any form of discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, personal condition, nationality, ethnicity, disabilities, age etc. Furthermore, Maytronics has appointed 
a representative who oversees the prevention of sexual harassment. Maytronics has zero tolerance towards sexual harassment and expects all employees to behave with integrity and respect to their colleagues.

Maytronics' Code of Ethics also details our commitment to manage and avoid conflict of interests in which personal interests may clash with the interests of Maytronics, or of its stakeholders. 
At Maytronics, we have zero tolerance towards any form of corruption or bribery, including giving 
or receiving gifts, favors, payment facilitations or any other form of personal affairs. Moreover, since Maytronics operates in several different markets around the world, we act in accordance with a varied set of norms and prohibitions against corruption or bribery, and with their compliance.

As of 2022, All Maytronics employees have signed the company's code of ethics.