Six Steps to Pool Perfection: Making the Most of Your
 Dolphin LIBERTY™

Immerse yourself in the ultimate pool cleaning experience with the Dolphin LIBERTY™. More than just a robotic pool cleaner, it's your ticket to a lifestyle of freedom, sustainability, and joy. To help you fully tap into this exceptional experience, we've put together our top six tips to make your pool cleaning simpler, smarter, and truly exceptional.

#1 Embrace the Cordless Era

Experience freedom with the Dolphin LIBERTY's cordless cleaning magic. Its innovative battery tech lets it work tirelessly in your pool, no cords attached. And here's the cherry on top: its unique inductive charging. Easy to use, efficient, and super reliable - it's goodbye to corrosion worries

#2 Trust the Filtration

The ultra-fine filtration system ensures crystal-clear water. Regularly clean and replace the filters to maintain optimum performance

#3 Click-Up™ for Easy Pickup

Forget the gimmicks, the Dolphin LIBERTY's Click-Up feature is your new poolside conversation starter. Use the provided clicker to call your Dolphin LIBERTY™ to the water line for easy collection.

#4 Tap into Eco Mode Magic

Eco Mode is our secret weapon for the planet and your pocket. It slices the cleaning cycle into three neat 30-minute slots, enough to maintain a spotless pool for a week without recharging. Expect thorough cleaning, energy savings, and one more reason to love your Dolphin LIBERTY™

#5 Schedule Regular Cleaning with One-Touch Operation

Use the automatic scheduling feature to keep your pool sparkling clean. With one-touch operation, you can set your Dolphin LIBERTY™ to work and forget about it—it'll take care of the rest.

#6 Leverage the Active Brush

The Dolphin LIBERTY™’s Active Brush is one of its biggest strengths. This feature ensures more efficient and thorough cleaning, contributing to an even cleaner, more sparkling pool.