Eco-Friendly Pool Parties: Top Tips

Want to have a blast at your pool party without blasting your carbon footprint? Let's dive into our top tips for hosting an eco-friendly pool party


Maytronics' Commitment to Sustainability and ESG Responsibility: Achieving Impressive Results

Maytronics, a leading company in the pool cleaning robot industry, comprehends the significance of sustainability and corporate responsibility. By concentrating on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water consumption, and paper usage, Maytronics shows its commitment to minimizing environmental impact. This blog delves into their notable achievements and initiatives in sustainability and their dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) responsibility.


The Most Breathtaking Pools Around the World

Few sights are more breathtaking than a crystal-clear pool, especially when that pool is located in an exotic, beautiful, or unexpected location. Lucky for us, the world is full of incredible pools and we have found some of the most magnificent and incredible pools worldwide.


The Ultimate List of Pool Games for All Ages

Ah, the delightful sound of laughter and the splash of water! As much as pools are for relaxation, they also serve as a fantastic arena for fun and games. Whether you have a bustling household of kids, teens, or just adults looking to relive their childhood, there’s a pool game waiting to be discovered. Here’s our compilation of the best pool games for all ages.