7 Best Robotic Pool Algae Cleaners in 2023

Nothing beats a private pool for its sheer blue-green sparkling cool. It’s like a piece of Eden in your backyard. But wait, what is all that slimy green, yellow, pink and black on the sides of the pool?! This is every pool owner’s worst nightmare. Algae. It contaminates equipment and bathing suits, and decreases pool circulation and sanitation.

However, Cleaning your pool doesn’t have to be an ordeal. A robotic pool cleaner is by far the most cost-effective, easiest and fastest way of cleaning all types of dirt and keeping your pool algae free. A robotic pool cleaner ticks all checkboxes for a total pool-cleaning experience. It collects everything from leaves in the pool to fine debris and pernicious algae. Robotic pool cleaners – an Eden must-have.

Types of Algae in the Pool

These are some of the common alga types:

  • Green algae – It appears on steps and corners, where circulation and filtration are least effective. It spreads fast, sped up by sunlight and should be destroyed as fast as possible. The best way to kill green algae is super chlorination to sanitize a polluted pool. And the best way to prevent algae is regular maintenance during swim season, to keep the pool clean of plant and other debris.
  • Yellow or “mustard algae”. It doesn’t spread as fast as green algae, but it’s more challenging. Brushing will only remove the layer of slime over the algae. To really kill it, resort to super chlorination. Regular pool maintenance, keeping floats, toys and leaves out of the pool, running the pump more often, and frequent testing for chemical balance will help keep this alga away.
  • Black (or bluish-green) algae. Native to lakes and ponds, this type of algae feels good in a neglected pool. Black algae aren’t coated in protective slime and will, for this reason, penetrate deeper into the hard surfaces of your pool. At the first sign of it, use a stainless-steel brush on it before applying sanitizers.
  • Pink algae – the easiest to maintain, these reddish bacteria usually appear at a pool’s water line or PVC surfaces, like piping. A white-water mold sometimes accompanies it. Simple maintenance like regular brushing and sanitizing should keep it away. If they have gotten out of control, the usual procedure is to remove it and then administer a calcium hypochlorite shock.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Algae

1. Dolphin M700

The superbly and handsomely designed Dolphin M700 delivers the absolute pool cleaning experience. Scrubs floors and walls and keeps the waterline crystalline in pools up to 15 m. Use the MyDolphin™ Plus app with Wi-Fi® connectivity to program scheduled cycles adapted to your needs. M700’s unique sensor measures water temperature and a special gauge shows several levels of filter status.

  • MyDolphin™ Plus app for easy set-and-forget operation from anywhere
  • Multi-layer filtration system with fine and ultra-fine filters
  • Dual-drive PowerStream mobility system
  • Low energy consumption
  • Comes to the surface for easy pickup

2. Dolphin M600

This lean, mean powerful cleaning machine is built for cleaning the toughest mess, algae or otherwise. Expertly engineered with groundbreaking technologies, Dolphin M600 marks a new era in pool cleaning. Equipped with a dual-drive mobility system that allows it to turn into and scrub clean the narrowest corners in pools up to 15 m.

  • Dual-drive PowerStream system for enhanced mobility
  • Set-and-forget operation from anywhere with MyDolphin™ Plus app
  • Notifies you when to clean filters
  • Comes to the surface for easy pickup
3. Dolphin M500

Optimal for pools up to 15 m, this superior design is equipped with advanced scanning features which ensure systematic coverage of floor, walls and waterlines. Kick back and enjoy the intervention-free cleaning with Dolphin M500
remote controlled setup, accessible via Wi-Fi® from anywhere, anytime.

  • Programmable weekly timer
  • MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app for remote access
  • Notifies you when to clean filters
  • Tangle-free cable for enhanced ease and safety
4. Dolphin M400

The Dolphin M400 will ensure any pool up to 15 m is shipshape regardless of shape, slope, or obstacles. Advanced scanning features ensure every centimeter of floor, walls and waterlines is covered. While a kick-back-and-enjoy remote-controlled and Wi-Fi® setup allows regular and intervention- and hassle-free maintenance.

  • Programmable weekly timer
  • MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app for remote access
  • Notifies you when to clean filters
  • Tangle-free cable for enhanced ease and safety
5. Dolphin S300

The slick Dolphin S300 lets you choose between a two-hour mode for full cleaning and a fast mode for quicker one-hour cleanups, using the MyDolphin™ Plus app for remote control from anywhere.

  • Programmable weekly cycle selector
  • PowerStream mobility system for full coverage of pools up to 12 m
  • Filtration system with extra-sealing and increased capacity
  • MyDolphin™ Plus app for easy set-and-forget
6. Dolphin S200

This is the ultimate in ultra-light robotics, made lighter by quick water release. Keep the pool spotless and algae-free with two filtration options to eliminate rough and fine dirt. Dolphin S200 dual brushing action gives the floors, walls and waterline an extra-thorough scrubbing.

  • Super lightweight and designed to make pickup easy
  • Ensures complete coverage of floor and walls in pools up to 12 m
  • Waterline scrubbing included
  • Removes rough and fine dirt with a multi-layer filtration system
7. Dolphin E50i

The Dolphin E50i packs a powerhouse performance, chock-full of features for maximum convenience and control. Lets you alternate between manual drive and a selection of programmable cycles for maximum application flexibility. Its multi-layered filter basket is easy to clean and has superior filtration capacity. Equipped with the MyDolphin™ Plus app, this master cleaner is accessible from anywhere by remote.

  • Weekly timer and cycle selector
  • Full coverage of pools up to 15 m
  • Multi-layer filtration system with extra-sealing and increased filtration capacity
  • Top load filter access for easy cleaning

Ways to Prevent Algae in Your Pool

All algae needs is a few hours of sunlight to multiply and take over the entire pool. While algae may be relatively harmless to humans, you really won’t enjoy swimming in a pool filled with green, black or pink slime. So it’s better to act fast and eliminate all traces of algae the moment you first see them.

Green algae

brushing will remove, and super chlorination will destroy it. But the best way to prevent green algae is regular maintenance, to keep pool clean of plant and soil debris.

Yellow “mustard” algae

brush and super chlorinate to destroy. To prevent, keep floats, toys and leaves out of the pool, testing for chemical balance and keep the pool clean of debris.

Black (or bluish green) algae

apply a stainless steel brush on it before applying sanitizers. But really, it’s best to avoid this slimy nightmare altogether by keeping your pool clean!

Pink algae

administer a calcium hypochlorite shock to kill. Simple maintenance like regular brushing and sanitizing should keep it away.

What to Consider Before Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner for Leaves

A pool clogged up with leaves and debris will not impress guests, prevent family fun, and speed up the spread of algae. For minimal hassle and maximum hygiene, there is no better solution than a robotic pool cleaner.

Size and Depth of the Pool

The size of your pool is the first thing you want to consider when choosing a robotic cleaner. For a small pool, choose the appropriate cleaning power. Above-ground pool cleaning is a special category and requires specially designed robots. There are robotic cleaners designed to withstand and deal with saltwater dirt for those maintaining a saltwater pool.

Pool Surface

The next thing to consider is the pool surface. Is your pool covered in tiles, and if so, what are the tiles of the pool made of? Perhaps it is a vinyl pool, a fiberglass pool, a concrete pool, or a pebble tec pool. Some surfaces are more delicate than others and require handling to suit the materials. Does my pool need and can withstand powerful scrubbing? That is the question!

Source of Power

Depending on the conditions on the ground, you may opt for a simple cable, an extra-long cable, a specially-engineered tangle-free cable, a multi-function power supply which allows extra control, or a solar battery.


Consider the maintenance needs of the average pool and whether your pool may have any special needs. Perhaps you are living in an especially humid area and rich in sunlight – ideal for an algae party! How proximate is your pool to plants, trees, and soil? How quickly and what kind of debris accumulates in your pool?


If you are serious about cleaning your pool not having to swim in green sludge, you want your coverage to be maximal. The robot of your choice needs to be able to reach into corners and cover the entire surface systematically. Pay attention to what area the cleaner covers and make sure it is smart enough to brush those gorgeous curves.


The convenience of a robotic cleaner is that it is compact and comprehensive. You get multiple cleaning tools packed into one mobile and remote-controlled machine that will save you time, money and the stress of having to battle a green alien swarm which has decided to launch its invasion of Earth from your party pool. The different types of debris – leaves, twigs, dirt – work together to create the right conditions for algae takeover and a robotic cleaner takes care of this entire complex of problems in one multi-functional cycle!

*Please notice: There may be some specification differences in the robots models and their availability between countries.
Recommendations given on this website do not constitute a commitment to the availability of all models in all countries.