Solar-Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer Spotless water surface

Smart Solar Charging

Automatically glides into sunny spots for self-charging.
Gets you more cleaning with less energy

Day & Night

Conserves energy during the day so that it cleans your pool even when you're asleep.

Work Smarter,
nor Harder

Captures all leaves, bugs and pollen,
sparing you from cleaning hassle

No Obstacle Stand in the Way

With infra-red sensors, Skimmi™ glides past obstacles to remove debris – no nudging needed

2 sensors located at the bottom of the skimmer, Detects and captures floating dirt, leaves, insects, and pollen

4 sensors located above the waterline,
Navigates around obstacles, and cleans leaves stuck to the pool walls

The Perfect Combo For a Clean Pool

Skimmi™ and Dolphin™, the leading pool cleaner, will keep your pool spotless with zero effort

Easily App-Operated

With the MyDolphin skimmi™ app, you can manually steer the skimmer to the areas of the pool you want cleaned


Spotless water surface