Eco-Friendly Pool Parties: Top Tips

Want to have a blast at your pool party without blasting your carbon footprint? Let's dive into our top tips for hosting an eco-friendly pool party

Choose Reusable Tableware: Avoid single-use plastics. Opt for reusable plates, cups, and cutlery or choose biodegradable options.


Keep Your Pool Clean with a Robotic Cleaner: Dolphin pool cleaners not only keep your pool sparkling clean but also consume less energy than traditional pool cleaning methods.


Solar Lighting: Make the most out of the sun's energy by using solar lights to illuminate your pool area when the sun goes down.


Waste Management: Set up designated recycling and composting stations to manage waste effectively.

Natural Shade: Use umbrellas and canopies to provide shade and reduce the need for fans or air conditioners.

Sustainable Decorations: Avoid balloons and other harmful decorations. Choose decorations that are reusable or compostable. Make your pool parties fun, memorable, and green.

Pool Energy Efficiency: Quick Wins

Are you on a quest for a more energy-efficient pool? With rising energy costs and a global need for conservation, finding ways to make your pool more energy-efficient is crucial. Here are a few quick wins to get you started:



1. Upgrade to LED Lights: If you have underwater lighting in your pool, consider upgrading to LED lights. They consume less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

2. Invest in a Variable Speed Pump: Unlike single-speed pumps that run at full capacity all the time, variable speed pumps adjust according to your pool's needs, saving energy and reducing costs.

3. Use a Pool Timer: A pool timer can ensure your pool equipment runs only when necessary. This simple addition can result in significant energy savings.

4. Opt for a Robotic Cleaner: Robotic cleaners like our Dolphin series are energy-efficient and effective, using less energy than other pool cleaning methods.

5. Consider Solar Heating: If your pool requires heating, solar heaters can be a green and cost-effective alternative.

Start your journey towards a more efficient pool.