Introducing the New Dolphin Skimmi

Intelligent Robotic Pool Skimming, 24/7

Equipped with smart infrared sensors both above and below the water surface, the Dolphin Skimmi automated pool skimmer avoids potential obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning.

Elevate Your Pool with the Dolphin Skimmi

Crystal-Clear Water is Effortlessly Achievable

Intelligent Solar Recharge

Convenient App Control

Harnessing the power of the sun, the Dolphin Skimmi intuitively solar charges by navigating to sunny spots in your pool area. Debris is no match for the Dolphin Skimmi’s Fine Filter. Effortlessly manage your pool's cleanliness with the MyDolphin Skimmi App. Enjoy convenient settings controls, allowing you to customize cleaning preferences effortlessly. Navigate the cleaner exactly where you need it for targeted cleaning with manual drive.

Pair the New Dolphin Skimmi with Any Dolphin Robot