Dr. Dryden's Active & Enhance Advanced Filter Media

Healthier Swimming

Filter media created to provide safe water for marine mammals in aquariums is now available for your pool.
Switch from sand in your pool filter today for healthier swimming!

Dr. Dryden's

enhance summer

What is enhance™?

enhance summer is a liquid UX filter that promotes the removal of pollutants. Optimum performance combine activate with enhance.

Dr. Dryden’s


What is activate™?

activate is a permanent filter media that replaces sand, zeolite or crushed glass. It is a sustainable solution for crystal clear water.

Main benefits of activate

Industry Leading Quality


Activate is 100% pure and resistant to bacteria


Activate permanent filter media is used in more than 250,000 pools. 
It is trusted by industry professionals as the best product for creating clear water and a healthier swimming environment.

Activate is certified by WQA to meet NSF 50.

The Dr. Dryden's Story

Sea mammals like dolphins, whales, or sea lions are kept in captivity, often in chlorinated water. Dr. Dryden worked with these mammals in like conditions for many years. He noticed they often die of lung infections at a young age.


He was able to prove that lung infections in mammals are due to harmful air they are breathing that is just above the surface of the water. This harmful air is called trichloramine, which is the primary cause of chlorine odor that we smell in swimming pools.


Dr. Dryden invented an activated filter media called Activate. Using Activate helped save the lives of dolphins and other mammals by drastically reducing the formation of harmful trichloramines in chlorinated systems.