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May 24, 2024
3 Summers In


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Chris H
May 16, 2024

For more than a decade I have struggled to keep pool clean and algae free. Just could not do it with standard skimmer vacuum and polaris. Had spent plenty on new booster pump, hoses and multiple vacuum heads. Nothing worked all that well. A constant struggle, and I was resigned to just living with a mildly cloudy somewhat green pool. I was willing to try one last product, and pulled the trigger on a Triton PS robot. Thrilled that I did. Bought it in July 2023, and after 10-15 trips through, the pool looked amazing. Only regret was not doing it at beginning of season. Fast forward to today, and just opened the pool (professionals do that for me thankfully). The Triton's power supply conked out. Reached out to customer service at Maytronics and they are sending a new one straight away. No charge. Absolutely worth the money. It is about as easy as it gets. Just power on, run for two hours, clean the basket and run again. A true gamechanger.

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Amazon Customer
May 4, 2024
Works Great

This was a great unit. It worked great for me.

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Amazon Customer
Feb 9, 2024

I received this in August & it stopped working in October. I sent it back to Maytronics 2x times & they exchanged the interior but never worked as indicated. Worse pool cleaner I’ve owned. It’s bright yellow. Right color for this is a real lemon. Only saving grace is that I purchased an Assurian protection plan through Amazon. They gave me an Amazon credit for the full purchase price so I can purchase a new vacuum instead of repair. So if you buy this be sure to buy the additional protection offered by Assurian.

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Eileen Carrigan-Aaron
Dec 19, 2023
Great so far

We had it's predecessor, the Dolphin S200 for eight years before it died. We were happy with it other than occassionally missing a couple of spots. We are very happy that this version has the ability to remotely control its movements. The app and it's remote controlability are easy to use. It does take a little practice getting the movements down because you are driving an airstream powered skid steer - so it's not so precise; however it does work. After two months of use, the dolphin has been running great. One thing to note, as mentioned on the Amazon product info, this dolphin does NOT come with the fine particle filters. If you buy this model from other vendors you'll likely get those filters, but likely pay a little more for the product as well.

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Nov 25, 2023
Working Great!

This is our second dolphin. We had a S200 that lasted 8 years. I only had to replace the cord on it. We were very happy with it. The Triton PS Plus appears to have replaced the S200 as it looks nearly identical to it. We also wanted the ability to steer it as occasionally our S200 missed some spots. The Triton PS Plus has that capability. With the Dolphin App, the steering works great.

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Birger Rasmussen
Oct 11, 2023
It works

Clean pool works ok

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May 10, 2023
Pool Vac

My Dolphin Tritan PS Plus is awesome, does a fantastic job, we love it.

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