In our philosophy, Maytronics' responsibility is not limited to customers or shareholders, but to all stakeholders. In our approach towards sustainability, we consider the impact Maytronics has on 
the environment and society our top priority. By that, we are committed to mitigate environmental effects due to our operations or among supply chain; empower our employees and local society
with concerning social matters in supply chain; ensure high standards of safety in our products; 
and maintain professionally, fairness and integrity business conduct.

Over the last few years, Maytronics has almost doubled in size, in terms of employees, office size 
and in revenue. While we are a larger company, we intend to continue pursing excellent corporate governance, customer service, employee wellbeing, as well as have a better environmental impact,
all while adhering to all standards and regulations.

E- Our responsibility towards the environment

S- Providing the perfect work environment and contributing to local communities

G- Conducting business in an ethical and transparent manner