Niya Sonar 10
User Guide


Place the Sonar 10 on a solid, dry surface. Make sure it is switched OFF. Complete the following steps:

1. Remove the filter cover by lifting the flaps on the side and pull the lid off at the same time.

2. Remove the filter to rinse the debris.

3. Rinse any residual debris from the filter body.

4. Put the lid back on by aligning the clips with the filter body, until it clicks shut.

We recommend cleaning the filter after each cleaning cycle for optimal operation. 


Follow these steps to install a new filter: 

1. Align the filter card slots with the niches in the filter body.

2. Align the slots on the device body with the filter slots and push them together.  


Follow these steps to properly charge the Sonar 10:

1. Once the device completes the cleaning cycle, turn it off with the power switch button at the bottom. Wait 20 minutes before charging the device. Charge the device in a cool area indoors. Do not cover the device while charging to prevent the components from overheating. 

2. Make sure the device is turned off before charging and make sure the water spray flaps of the robot do not touch the ground. 

3. Connect the device to the electrical socket using the battery charger provided. 

If the LED color is RED, the device is not fully charged – charging in progress.

If the LED color is solid GREEN, the device is fully charged. Once it reaches a full charge, after 10 minutes the LED will turn off automatically.


The charge time for the Sonar 10 is 2-2.5 hours long. The cleaning cycle time is 60 minutes. 

Short beeps every 3 seconds – This means the device is not fully submerged in the water. Make sure the device is covered with at least 7.9 inches of water for optimal operation. If you hear this while removing the cleaner from the pool, turn OFF the device. 

Short beep – The battery is low. Charge the device. 

Long beep – The device has been plugged into charge while ON. Turn the device off, and then charge the cleaner. 

Short beep, followed by a rush and a loud beep – Turn the device OFF and charge it. 


The Sonar 10 is suitable for above ground pools that have a completely flat surface. The pool can be up to 20 feet in length. The water level of the pool should also be at least 7.9 inches above the device. 

The Sonar 10 comes with the cleaner, a fine (mesh) filter, a charger (to be used with the Sonar 10 only), and a plastic hook to remove the Sonar 10 from the pool.

Try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Try using a different electrical outlet to verify that there isn't an issue with the electrical socket. 

2. Make sure to charge the device in a cool area. 

3. If the device still doesn't charge, contact Customer Support here.

To remove the Sonar 10 from the pool, use the hook provided in your package. To extend the length of the hook, attach it to a suitable pole (not included), such as a pool broom pole. 

1. With caution, use the hook to hook it onto the top handle of the device to remove it from the pool. Make sure the water is drained out completely. 

2. Turn the device upside down and turn it OFF. 

3. The LED will turn OFF and the cleaner will stop beeping. 


How to store the NIYA robot for off-season storage: 

1. Make sure there is no water left in the pool cleaner. We recommend letting the robot stand idle for 2 days to ensure that all moisture from the device has completely evaporated.

2. Thoroughly clean the filter basket, make sure it is completely dry, and then insert it into place. 

3. Store the robot in a protected area away from direct sunlight/rain/frost at a temperature between 32 – 104 degrees F. 

4. Charge the pool cleaner once every 3 months to prevent battery depletion. 

Niya Sonar 10 User Guide

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