Why a Robotic Pool Cleaner is the Best Pool Cleaning Hack of 2023

Choosing the right robotic pool cleaner can make your pool maintenance even easier. You’ll do less work and get more incredible pool time. A robotic pool cleaner is the best pool cleaning hack in 2023. In this article we will delve into what’s unique about robotic pool cleaners.

How Do Robotic Pool Cleaners Work?

Robotic pool cleaners operate autonomously, moving through the pool on two levels. They clean the water and the pool surface, including the floor, walls, and in some cleaners, the waterline. They are powered by an electric motor and pumps, drawing water in and filtering debris from the water. They also have durable advanced brushes that scrub as they move through your pool. Many cleaners climb pool walls and even scrub the tile line. Certain models are not limited to the floor only.

How Safe Are They?

When properly maintained, robotic pool cleaners are extremely safe, but they should not be used when swimmers are in the pool.

Can Robotic Pool Cleaners Climb Pool Walls? 

The Dolphin robotic pool cleaners climb walls to give them a solid scrubbing. Depending on which model you choose, some only clean floors, while others clean the entire pool.

Power Source

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners plug into the robot’s power supply via a long, flexible cable, and into an electrical outlet. They operate on a low voltage, making them safe and energy-efficient.

Durability and Efficiency

Dolphin cleaners are efficient and with regular maintenance, will last up to eight years. They are constructed of the finest materials and tested for optimal performance. Always use Genuine Dolphin replacement parts.


Robotic cleaners have scrubbing brushes, depending on which model you choose. Some have a dual brush, a single brush, or more than two. The brushes actively scrub your pool floor, walls, and waterline for a pristine pool.


The only thing that must be cleaned is the filters. With the easy-access system, it’s simple to reach them and rinse them off. Some models even have a filter indicator to tell you when your filter is dirty.


The weight of your robotic cleaner varies from model to model. For larger pools, a robot will be heavier, while smaller pools require lighter models. A helpful accessory is the Universal Caddy and Classic Caddy Cover. The Caddy makes it easy to move and store your Dolphin, while the cover protects your Dolphin year round.


What most pool owners find is that an investment in a robotic pool cleaner is cost-effective. While robotic pool cleaners are more costly than other types of cleaners, they clean so effectively that the life of your pool is extended. You have many price options for any budget.


Saltwater pools are a wonderful investment to enjoy, and thankfully, caring for them is much easier than with traditional pools. To get even more quality pool time, a robotic cleaner makes pool maintenance stress-free. Your robot does the manual work, so you don’t have to. Nothing is more important than the health of your family, and a Dolphin robotic cleaner gives you the cleanest saltwater possible.