DIY Pool Landscaping Ideas

You have your pool, you enjoy it, but something is missing. Your landscaping around the pool is lacking, but there are ways to fix it! You have two options; you can pay somebody to come over and take care of it for you, or you can save yourself your money and DIY your pool landscaping to be exactly what you want. The first thing you need to do is decide what you want your pool area to feel like. Do you want it to strictly be a place for fun, or do you want to be able to relax at the pool, maybe use it as a background for meditation? Maybe you want to have an atmosphere suitable for anything! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Pool Landscaping Lighting Options

Adding lighting around your pool can create an entire new feel to the area. If you have an area near the pool, such as a patio or deck, the lighting can be added there as well. There are a lot of above ground deck ideas you can do on a budget such as landscape lighting, including string lights, stake lights, wall lamps, lanterns, strip lights, light bars, lighted planters, and even homemade lights. Solar lighting is also a great option because you don’t have to worry about finding a place to plug them in! Start looking through different lighting options to get an idea of what you like and then you can decide where to start! 


Pool Landscaping with Rocks

There are a few different options when it comes to pool landscaping ideas with rocks


  • Boulders: Can be used by the pool as additional seating or to create an amazing waterfall design. 
  • Pebbles and small stones: These can be used to create a pathway, rock garden, or pool border.
  • Flat stones: A creative rock wall can be designed using flat stones. This can be used as a barrier or even as a table area. 
  • Paver stones: Using paver stones together with pebbles can construct an amazing pathway to or around your pool.

Gardening Around the Pool

Gardening can be an amazing addition to any pool landscaping. Gardening can come in the form of trees, shrubs, flowers, and even vegetables! Whatever type of garden you can envision, if your climate can accept it, you can do it near your pool area. When you DIY a garden landscape it is important to do your research and learn which plants complement each other, which plants can be beneficial to the pool area, and which ones would not work near the pool. Confirming the plants that do well in sun versus shade will also determine the best plant options for around your pool. If you choose to add an abundance of plants into your pool landscape, be sure you have the time to take care of them or choose plants that do not require a lot of care.

DIY Pool Furniture Options

Patio and pool furniture can be expensive and hard to find options that fit your needs exactly. After shopping around, you can decide which type of furniture and layout you would like to use. As mentioned above, boulders can add a nice aspect to your pool and provide extra seating. Hanging hammocks around the pool area can add an extra relaxing space to the pool. If you are handy, you can DIY your pool furniture out of pallets. Thrifting furniture can be a fun way to add character to the area with mismatched seating and a combination of different types of furniture. Whatever you choose, the more seating options you have available, the more space you have to entertain your friends and family by the pool!

Adding Color by the Pool

Adding a variety of different colors around the pool can make it more appealing. You can add a splash of color with the patio furniture, different color landscaping lighting, and even a sun shade sail. If you decide not to do a full garden, you can add large planters full of overflowing plants and colorful flowers. Color can be added to your landscaping rocks as well. If you are design savvy, maybe you add a specific color scheme. If you like variety, adding multiple colors throughout the area can be attractive.


The possibilities for DIY pool landscaping are endless! There are so many options with using rocks, colors, plants, lights, and colors. Browse the internet for new design options and get your creative thoughts flowing. Once you have ideas, start mapping those ideas out and create a plan for your landscaping before you start. If you aren’t confident in your plan, keep tweaking it until you are and create the pool area of your dreams!