Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget

When it comes to personalizing your above ground pool, the possibilities are endless. With some planning and investment, you can create the pool – and surrounding area – of your dreams. Trying to decide what style or feature to adopt?

We’ve done the legwork for you, with our list of the biggest trends for above-ground pools.

1. Decorative Exteriors

The exterior of your pool can be a blank slate for your creativity and taste. We particularly love seeing pool owners use tiles as a great way to add a decorative touch to their outdoor spaces. Lighter-colored tiles can give your pool a tropical look, while dark or even black tiles can give your pool a sleek and sophisticated look. You don’t need to stop with solid-colored tiles – we love seeing people use multicolored tiles to create elaborate and colorful backgrounds that can also serve as gorgeous pieces of artwork for your backyard. Stacked stones are another great decorating option that can look fantastic.

2. A Natural Setting

Adding lush scenery around your pool is a great way to help transport you to an exotic location and is very on-trend. Lush plants, flowers, and shrubs can also create an added layer of privacy around your pool area. When thinking about the ideal plants for your pool area, you want to be mindful of the degree of sun exposure you have and the type of plants that would thrive under those conditions. You also likely want to pick plants that are easy to care for and won’t become another task in your pool maintenance. Succulents and aloe plants require little care and could be great options.


Next, check the water chemistry to make certain it’s at optimal levels. Pool chemistry can quickly go south if it’s not checked weekly, and it makes it harder to restore the optimal levels. Algae can grow on your pool walls in this environment and once it starts it’s difficult to treat, but a robotic cleaner helps scrub growth off your walls.


Always check the filters to make certain nothing is clogging them. Clean them thoroughly to keep them cleaning your pool water.

3. Deck Space

With so many of us spending extended time at home, your outdoor pool area can be the perfect place to read, listen to music, and enjoy a summer breeze. That’s why luxurious decks that include built-in features are another pool trend that we are noticing. With designated areas for those hanging poolside, cozy lounge chairs, and comfy cushions, your pool deck can easily be the main place where you spend time in the coming months.

4. New Shapes

Circles and ovals are some of the more common shapes for above-ground pools. While these shapes are classics for good reason, we are noticing a new trend of above-ground pools in different shapes like rectangles or even more artistic shapes and designs. These new shapes create a very unique look for your backyard area and these pools are likely to stand out and make a statement.

5. Lighting

Investing in lighting for your pool and the surrounding area is a trend that we think will go the distance. Aside from making your pool area generally look more attractive, lighting is also an important safety feature in the dark. Adding under cap lighting is a great way to create a glow around your pool. Adding fairy lights can add an almost magical feel to your pool area, making it an all-purpose entertainment area both during the day and evening. We also love floating lights, which come in various sizes and colors and add a playful and fun look to your pool area. Magnetic wall lights are also a great option for above-ground pools and are a common choice – they are easy and no fuss.

6. Outdoor Kitchens 

In the height of summer heat, nothing beats easily accessible cool drinks and refreshing snacks poolside. That’s why an outdoor kitchen is a great addition for the serious pool entertainers out there. Often stocked with refrigeration, grills, and counter space, these outdoor kitchens help keep you and your guests hydrated and well-fed into the late hours. These outdoor kitchens also make entertaining much easier, and minimize the mess and clean up pool parties often cause indoors.



Whichever trend you choose, your pool is a great canvas to express your creativity and taste. With several options that can fit a variety of needs and lifestyles, we are sure that you’ll take your pool to the next level!