Public Pool Safety

The world’s leading AI drowning

detection technology

Optimized for Any Kind of Pool

Above Water

The multispectral overhead cameras provide a 360 view of the pool. They allow to recognize and locate precisely distressed swimmers in relation to the water surface.

Below Water

The underwater units mounted on the pool walls include dual high-quality optical cameras with a combined field of vision of 180 degrees. They continuously track swimmers’ trajectories to the bottom of the pool.

Al and video redundancy

Poseidon’s cameras network provides a redundant and overlapping view. Behind the great simplicity of the system operation lies accidental data collected for 20 years and cutting-edge technologies combining exclusive algorithms with artificial intelligence (hybrid AI).

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Detects and Alerts Within Few Seconds

When a drowning incident occurs detection and fast response time are the most important factors to save lives and avoid permanent damage. Our solutions alert lifeguards and give them detailed information to respond quickly and to save precious seconds. Poseidon makes public pool safer and gives a piece of mind.

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