Pool Covers

Transform your pool with Maytronics covers, providing safety, ease of maintenance, and style.
Choose from customizable options for above-ground and submerged covers, all expertly crafted in France.

Submerged Pool Covers

Enhance your pool with the ultimate in safety, style, and subtlety - our submerged covers. Designed to seamlessly blend into your pool environment, the winding mechanism is concealed within a submerged bench or deck. With numerous customization options including materials, decks, and colors, transform your pool into a one-of-a-kind, personalized oasis. 

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Above-Ground Pool Covers

Elevate your above-ground pool with Maytronics covers. Experience simple, reliable, and efficient protection with numerous customizable options. Effortlessly use the covers with two support brackets that can be activated with just one turn of the key. Made with solid and durable materials, these covers are built to last, and can be installed on both new and existing pools. Choose from different support brackets, fasteners, and a variety of colors to make your pool truly yours. Discover the perfect pool cover solution with Maytronics.

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Main Features

Your ultimate safety and maintenance solution

Pool covers not only offer a secure barrier, but also maintain pool cleanliness and reduce water evaporation.

Made-to-Measure Production

Covers are designed and made based on the exact specifications of your pool. We use only the best materials to provide a durable and lasting product.

Customizable Options

Personalize your pool cover with customizable materials, decks, and more for a perfect fit.

Smart Covers

Control your cover from the palm of your hand with our MyCover mobile app!* 

*Availability depends on the cover.