Pool Alarms

Maytronics pool alarms are a must-have for any pool owner, providing reliable security that detects even the slightest movements in the water. In the event of an accident, a loud and powerful siren sounds, alerting you to take action. With no electrical installation required, these stand-alone detection systems powered by batteries offer ultimate convenience and ease of use

Sensor Espio™

Elevate your pool's security with the Sensor Espio™. This unique alarm stands out for its sleek, concealed design and efficient operation. The easy-to-install kit makes setup a breeze, whether your pool is under construction or already built. The semi-submerged design also allows for compatibility with many automatic pool covers, making the Sensor Espio™ a versatile and reliable choice for your pool.

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The Precisio™ pool alarm uses advanced technology tp continuously scan the water for any sudden changes, providing you with real-time protection. If a fall or a submersion is detected, the alarm's powerful sirens will instantly sound, giving you the ability to respond quickly and ensure the safety of those in your pool.

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Maximize your pool's security with Aqualarm. This advanced system is designed with two key components to give you complete peace of mind. The detection and alarm control unit, installed next to your pool, ensures quick response in case of an emergency. Simply enter a code on the touch keyboard before swimming to disable the siren. The optional remote siren, installed near your home, amplifies the alarm to ensure it can be heard from anywhere in the house. With Aqualarm, you'll enjoy maximum security and peace of mind all season long.

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Sensor Premium

Experience the ultimate in pool security with the Sensor Premium, our top-selling pool alarm. Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the Sensor Premium offers quick and hassle-free setup. Whether you're on a budget or looking for a reliable solution, the Sensor Premium delivers. Its advanced "Wind Control"® technology ensures that false alarms are avoided, even in windy conditions, making it the perfect choice for any pool owner. 

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