Why Buy your Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner Local?

The Benefits of Buying Local

When you purchase a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner, you're making an investment in your backyard. Here are 6 ways you will benefit from buying a Dolphin from your local pool dealer. 

#1 - Expert Advice – From a Knowledgeable Professional

Get expert advice to help you find the right Dolphin for your pool.

#2 - Premium Options

See pool cleaners at your local store that are not found in digital stores, with a complete line of full-featured, exclusive models.

#3 - Special In-Store Promotions

Get exclusive rebate savings! Ask your local store about Dolphin Days’ extended in-store rebates.

#4 - Try Before You Buy!

With our Try at Home Demo program, experience the Dolphin robotic pool vacuum cleaner, and see why it’s the best thing you’ll ever buy for your pool!

#5 - Better Warranty

Buy local! Dealers have access to Dolphin cleaners not found online, and with best-in-class, comprehensive warranties.

#6 - Quick Robot Service

Keep your pool in top shape. Your local dealer provides fast in-store diagnostic services and repairs to keep your Dolphin working hard to clean your pool.

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