Part No. 3884997-R6
  • Replacement Guide Wheels (4 pk) with 2 Pully Gears
  • Maytronics Certified Genuine Parts; Keep your Dolphin pool cleaner in top condition
Warranty (years) : 1
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Tech Specs

  • Package Dimensions 0.0x0.0x0.0 inch

  • Compatible Robots Dolphin Sigma, Dolphin M400, Dolphin Wave 60, Dolphin Wave 80, Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme, Dolphin W20, Dolphin 2X2 C6 Plus, 2X2, Dolphin 2X2, Pro X2, Dolphin Pro X2, Wave 100, Dolphin C6, Dolphin Maximus X70, Dolphin Zenit 20, Dolphin Active X4, Dolphin Comfort Active, Dolphin KAPTUR 400, PS50, Dolphin SOPRA PE RFECT, Dolphin TopStar gold, Dolphin Zenit 20, Dolphin Evolution 50, F50, Dolphin Maxi Kart, Dolphin SF50, Dolphin DIVER PRO 400, Dolphin M400, Dolphin EX60, Dolphin Blue Maxi 65, Dolphin DIVER PRO 500, Dolphin Evolution 60, F60, Dolphin F60, PS60, SF60, Dolphin SF60, Dolphin Swell MX, Dolphin Wave 80, Dolphin C5 PRO, Dolphin Pro X1, Dolphin Maximus X90, Dolphin Active X5, Dolphin Deluxe Active, Dolphin KAPTUR 500, Dolphin Dolphin 5, Dolphin TopStar platin, Dolphin X90, BIO SUCTION, Dolphin BIO SUCTION, Dolphin PoolBot PBIO, M500, Dolphin M500, Dolphin Cosmos 30, Dolphin X FORCE 30, W20, Dolphin W20, Dolphin Wave 30, Dolphin Wave 100, M400
  • Warranty (years) 1
  • EAN / UPC 810071221026

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