MyDolphin™ Plus App

Control Your Dolphin at Anytime from Anywhere

Select Between Cleaning Modes 

Set cleaning cycles for weekly, daily, or specific times, to suit your pool state and your schedule.

Call Your Robot to the Waterline for a Pick-Up

Use the Pick-Up mode on your MyDolphin™ Plus app to tell your Dolphin to climb to you for easy retrieval from the pool.

Set a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

The Weekly Timer feature enables you to set an automatic cleaning schedule for the week ahead.

Manually Drive Your Robot

Drive your Dolphin around the pool for specific spot cleaning or pure fun!

Use Voice Control to Operate Your Dolphin

Set Siri® shortcuts for handfree control of your Dolphin.

Filter Status Indicator

See your Dolphin filter's status without pulling it out of the pool.


Always Connected 

Get complete control with the MyDolphin Plus mobile app. 

*Features in app vary by model

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