5 Saltwater Pool Maintenance Tips

Since the first saltwater pools were first seen around the 4th Century B.C., the modern craze for salt-based water is only growing in popularity. The health benefits of salt are multiple, especially when it comes to skin, hair, and nails. Besides the health benefits, having a saltwater pool reduces the need for harsh chemicals, and makes pool management much easier.

Yet how do you maintain a saltwater pool? To enjoy your saltwater pool more, we put together five tips for the ultimate maintenance of your pool, then we’ll mention the best robotic pool cleaners for your saltwater pool. (This article is about pools with saltwater systems and not seawater-based pools.)

1. Everyday Pool Care

Rest assured, you won’t have to clean your saltwater pool daily, but like any other pool, it’s a good practice to check it every other day for large debris or other issues. It’s important to inspect your pool carefully after inclement weather, too. If you’ve had a lot of rain, you’ll want to check your pool water’s chemicals to make certain the levels weren’t offset by so much rainwater.

2. Weekly Pool Care

We’ll tell you the manual stuff first, but keep in mind this is avoidable with a robotic pool cleaner. Every type of pool should be cleaned once a week and the water balance checked. Skim large debris and other dirt such as bugs, leaves, algae, and twigs to keep your filters working at their best. To avoid all of this get a robotic pool cleaner (we’ll recommend some later). Pool cleaners are programable, and with some, you can schedule pool cleanings from anywhere. Pool cleaning cycles can be set once, twice, or more times per week.


Next, check the water chemistry to make certain it’s at optimal levels. Pool chemistry can quickly go south if it’s not checked weekly, and it makes it harder to restore the optimal levels. Algae can grow on your pool walls in this environment and once it starts it’s difficult to treat, but a robotic cleaner helps scrub growth off your walls.


Always check the filters to make certain nothing is clogging them. Clean them thoroughly to keep them cleaning your pool water.

3. Monthly Pool Care

If you have a robotic pool cleaner that cleans on a regular schedule, there is little else to tend to. Monthly you should check the salt levels to ensure they are in the right range (normally between 3000 to 3500 ppm). You should also check the stabilizer levels as well as the calcium.

4. Quarterly Pool Care

While checking the salt levels should be a monthly routine, there are a few other items to address. The salt cell must be cleaned for any deposits or buildups. This is important to maintain healthy, quality water year-round. Once the salt cell is removed for cleaning, soak it in acid for about five minutes and then rinse it and plug it back in. (Please note, always add acid to the water and never water to acid. Take care handling the acid as it can burn eyes, skin, and whatever it touches. Be careful of splashes and rinse your arms and hands with water after.)

5. Seasonal Pool Care

If you have an outdoor saltwater pool, it’s important to prepare it for winter. This extends the life of your pool and makes preparation for the next season hassle-free (this is where that robotic pool cleaner comes in). Activate your robotic pool cleaner for a full cycle to give your pool a thorough scrubbing. Test the water chemistry one last time and adjust as needed, especially if you are covering your pool. Pool closing kits are available to shock the water to clear any algae or bacteria (some pool owners drain their pool completely, so this step is unnecessary if you do). If you do drain your pool, the robotic pool cleaner will have scrubbed your pool surfaces so you’re all set. Cover the pool securely and count the days until pool season is back.


Saltwater pools are a wonderful investment to enjoy, and thankfully, caring for them is much easier than with traditional pools. To get even more quality pool time, a robotic cleaner makes pool maintenance stress-free. Your robot does the manual work, so you don’t have to. Nothing is more important than the health of your family, and a Dolphin robotic cleaner gives you the cleanest saltwater possible.