Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus w/Wi-Fi

Always connected, always in control.

Product No. 99996406-PCI

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus w/ Wi-Fi effortlessly provides a superior sparkle in under two hours, saving you time and peace of mind. Specifically built for maintaining in-ground pools, this convenient pool robot has your back when it comes to serious scrubbing. This updated model allows you to control the robot from anywhere at any time with the MyDolphin Plus app.

Warranty (years) : 2.5
Wi-Fi® connectivity

Main Features


Just plug it in, drop into the pool, for a hassle free clean

Wall Climbing

Provides floor and wall coverage, making your whole pool exceptionally clean

Easy Access Top Load Filter

No more touching the debris! Lift the filter out, unsnap the bottom and rinse

MyDolphin™ Plus Mobile app

Smart control of your Dolphin - Anytime, Anywhere

CleverClean™ Smart Navigation

Smart navigation of any pool, for maximum coverage

Energy Saver

Reduces water, chemical, and energy usage with every pool cleaning

Tech Specs

  • Maximum Pool Size 12 m
  • Cleaning Coverage Floor and Walls
  • Default Cycle Time 2 Hours
  • Warranty (years) 2.5
  • Delay Feature No
  • Weekly Timer Yes
  • Mobile Application MyDolphin™ Plus
  • Anti Tangling Swivel Yes
  • Filter Type Fine Filter Kit

  • Automation Mode Yes

  • Package Dimensions 565.0x447.0x327.0 mm
  • Cable Length 18.0 m
  • Robot Weight 16.2 Kg.

  • Filter Access Top Access
  • Full Filter Indicator No
  • Waterline Scrubbing No
  • Enhanced Cleaning Cycles No
  • Active Brush No
  • Number of Brushes 2
  • Brush Type Combine Brush
  • Suction Rate 17.0 Mᶾ / H

  • Pool Shape Rectangular, Round, Free Shape, Kidney
  • Pool Classification In Ground

  • Remote Control No
  • EAN 850015249969



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Robot Comparison

Maximum Pool Size

12 m
15 m

Cleaning Coverage

Floor and Walls
Floor, Walls and Waterline

Filter Type

Fine Filter Kit
Fine Filter Kit

Mobile Application

MyDolphin™ Plus
MyDolphin™ Plus

Anti Tangling Swivel


Warranty (years)



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Amazon Customer
Feb 29, 2024
Great Pool Vac

I bought the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus (without Wi-Fi) to replace my SharkVac XL that (fortunately) got taken out by a lightning strike. I have only owned two pool vacs and I will compare this one to my old one for those of you looking to replace a SharkVac XL. My pool is gunite with a StoneScapes pebble finish. It has a spa built in as well. I am putting this out there for those of you with a similar pool will have some idea as to how this vac will perform in your pool. This vac has worked far better than my old SharkVac. It picks up fine soils and leaves with ease. The Shark was good at cleaning soils but so-so at picking up leaves. The Shark would get high centered on the return covers on the bottom of the pool every time I used it. I have the raised safety return covers. The Dolphin hasn't been stuck on the covers ever. The filter covers are very ease to open to remove the filters, unlike the Shark that I had to fight to open every time. There are some reviews that state that this vac is heavy, but it is lighter than my Shark, so no complaints from me about the weight. The filter cartridges are very easy to remove, disassemble and clean. Unlike the Shark. The Shark had hinged doors on the bottom that were supposed to prevent back flow and would constantly get stuff jammed in them and would get stuck open causing debris to flow back out when I pulled it out of the pool. The Dolphin uses a thick cloth backflow preventer that works much better. This vac and my old vac are too big to be useful in cleaning the spa, so I had to buy a small pole mount vac for that. I bought the POOL BLASTER Catfish Ultra Rechargeable for the spa. (Works great) The Dolphin is a few hundred bucks cheaper than the Shark. The Dolphin is an even better deal now. It is a hundred bucks cheaper than when I bought mine. Overall this vac is far superior to the old vac and I would buy it again if I needed another one.

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Feb 29, 2024
Dolphin Pool Vacuum

The pool vacuum (original) was struck by lightning but the replacement is a better improvement.

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