Brand Protection Program

This Maytronics Brand Protection Program, applies to all dealers, distributors, buying groups and any other sellers of Maytronics products.

The Authorized Dealer and Distributor Policies apply to all Maytronics distributors and dealers in the United States and Canada whether they have traditionally sold brick-and-mortar robot models or internet models. The Distributor Policy and Dealer Policy are unilateral polices and do not require execution by Maytronics or the distributor/dealer.

Pursuant to both policies, any business that wishes to sell Maytronics products to end user consumers through a publicly-accessible website must complete the Authorized Online Seller Application and Agreement and be approved by Maytronics to sell on each desired website. Interested dealers can download an Authorized Online Seller Application here. Please email the completed application to

Any customer that wishes to become a WAVEPRO dealer will be required to sign the WAVEPRO Agreement and return it to

For a copy of our MAP policy, please email us at

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Brand Protection Program

Authorized Distirbutor Policy

Yes. Distributors may sell to Authorized Dealers and to End Users. An End User is the ultimate consumer for whom the product was designed and is not purchasing the product for purposes of resale.

No. Distributors are not required to provide customer lists to Maytronics. Distributors are only required to provide a copy of the Authorized Dealer Policy and MAP Policy to their customers. They will also be responsible for forwarding updates to the MAP Policy in the future.

No. Customers of distributors (other than end users) will be deemed “Authorized Dealers” when they receive from the distributor a copy of the Authorized Dealer Policy and agree to adhere to the policy by continuing to purchase and resell Maytronics products, use our intellectual property, and otherwise do business with us. They will remain Authorized Dealers unless their “authorized” status is revoked by Maytronics due to a violation of the Authorized Dealer Policy, MAP Policy, or for another reason. Examples of violations of the Authorized Dealer Policy include:

  • selling Maytronics products online without the proper consent;
  • selling brick-and-mortar only products online or internet-only products in brick-and-mortar locations;
  • selling products outside of the United States without our consent; or
  • diverting products to unauthorized sellers.

No. These policies are not intended to be signed. However, by continuing to purchase and resell Maytronics products, use our intellectual property, and otherwise do business with us, distributors and dealers are deemed to accept and agree to adhere to the terms in these policies.

Distributors may utilize an online portal or website to sell to their Authorized Dealer customers without special approval. Dealer pricing should not be visible to the public and orders may not be completed unless the dealer has logged in. Both brick-and-mortar only and internet-only products may be sold through these dealer portals to Authorized Dealers. If a distributor wishes to sell to end users via any publicly-accessible website, it must apply for approval and complete the Authorized Online Seller Agreement.

Per the Authorized Distributor Policy, distributors must cease or suspend sales to any customer promptly upon request of Maytronics.  The “Do Not Sell” List is a compilation of persons and entities that distributors are not allowed to sell Maytronics products to for various reasons.  Maytronics will, from time to time, update its “Do Not Sell” List and will notify distributors of the updates via email, with a link to the updated version of the list.  The persons and entities identified through the link are not authorized to resell Maytronics products and the sale or transfer of Maytronics products to these individuals and entities is strictly prohibited.  Any pending orders by or on behalf of these individuals and entities should not be fulfilled, and no new orders should be accepted.  Any continued sales to a person or entity on the “Do Not Sell” list by a distributor will be deemed a violation of the Distributor Policy and Maytronics will take action against the distributor as they see fit.

Authorized Dealer Policy

The Authorized Dealer Policy applies to all dealers in the United States, whether they purchase Maytronics products directly from Maytronics, through an authorized distributor, or through a buying group.

Authorized Dealers may not sell online without Maytronics’ prior written consent, which is granted only through execution by Maytronics of the Authorized Online Seller Agreement. Interested dealers should download the Authorized Online Seller Application (located in the listed documents on this page) for more information.   The brief application requests information regarding the dealer’s business and requires the dealer to identify the websites on which it desires to sell our products (and storefront names/screennames as applicable). Accompanying the Application is the Authorized Online Seller Agreement.

Dealers should submit the completed application plus the signed agreement to

After an Authorized Online Seller Application and Agreement is submitted, the marketing group will review it with the sales team and determine whether to authorize the seller and the websites. Maytronics will communicate the decision to the dealer and return a signed copy of the Agreement, which identifies the approved websites. Only then will the dealer be authorized to sell Maytronics products online, subject to any applicable channel restrictions (e.g. internet-only vs. brick-and-mortar only robots).

Brick-and-mortar only products may be advertised as being available for purchase in brick-and-mortar retail stores on a dealer’s website. Under no circumstances may these products be sold online otherwise absent submission of an Authorized Online Seller Application and Agreement and Maytronics’ to authorize sales on the requested website.

Advertising of Maytronics products through any type of media, including a website, is subject to the Maytronics MAP Policy. While dealers are permitted to advertise brick-and-mortar robot pricing online, if they advertise in violation of the MAP Policy, Maytronics reserves the right to take action pursuant to the MAP Policy against that dealer.

Typically, the first step will be a letter from Maytronics requesting that the dealer correct or cease the violation. If the violation continues, Maytronics reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to terminate the dealer’s status as an Authorized Dealer through written or electronic notice to the dealer of such termination.