Data Processing

In order to be able to process customers’ personal data for the purposes agreed with Maytronics, the law requires you to agree to some simple terms regarding the handling of that personal data. Please find these Terms below. You will see that these Terms are not onerous and should not require anything additional to what you already have in place in your business.

California Consumer Privacy Act Terms for Maytronics Dealers/Distributors


1. The Parties acknowledge that for the purposes of the California Consumer Privacy Act (California Civil Code § 1798.100), together with all amendments thereto and all laws implementing or supplementing the same (“CCPA”), Maytronics is a business and Dealer/Distributor is a service provider (each term having the meaning given in the CCPA).

2. Maytronics discloses personal information (as such term is defined in the CCPA) to Dealer/Distributor solely for the purposes of carrying out, coordinating and/or assisting with customer services (including but not limited to maintenance, diagnosis, troubleshooting, repair or other technical or warranty services, in relation to Maytronics’ products), to carry out limited promotional and marketing activities as specifically defined by Maytronics, and to sell Maytronics products to consumers. Furthermore, where necessary or beneficial for the purposes of carrying out customer services or required under relevant agreements with Maytronics, a Dealer/Distributor may disclose a customer’s personal information to Maytronics and/or a relevant Distributor/Dealer for these purposes.

3. Except as permitted by applicable law, Dealer/Distributor is prohibited from: (i) selling the personal information; (ii) retaining, using, or disclosing the personal information for any purpose other than for the specific purposes identified in Section 2; and (iii) retaining, using, or disclosing the personal information outside of the direct business relationship between Dealer/Distributor and Maytronics other than as specifically authorized in Section 4 or otherwise by Maytronics to carry out the relevant service or activity.

4. Maytronics consents to Dealer/Distributor disclosing the personal information to a third-party strictly for the purposes of carrying out the limited promotional and marketing activities identified in Section 2 in the name and on behalf of Dealer/Distributor, provided that the identity of the third-party has been notified to Maytronics in writing in advance. The Dealer/Distributor confirms that it has entered or (as the case may be) will enter with the third-party into a written agreement incorporating terms which are substantially similar to those set out in these Terms and which Dealer/Distributor confirms reflect and will continue to reflect the requirements of the CCPA. Dealer/Distributor shall remain fully liable for all acts or omissions of any third-party processor appointed by it pursuant to this paragraph 4.

5. Dealer/Distributor understands the restrictions set forth in Sections 3 and 4 and certifies that it will comply with the same.

6. If Dealer/Distributor receives a request to know or a request to delete from a consumer (as such term is defined in the CCPA) regarding personal information that Dealer/Distributor maintains on behalf of Maytronics, Dealer/Distributor will inform the consumer that it should submit the request directly to Maytronics and will, when feasible, provide the consumer with contact information for Maytronics.

7. Dealer/Distributor may, without restriction, collect, use, retain, sell, and/or disclose personal information that is de-identified or in the aggregate consumer information