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Maytronics Ltd

Maytronics Limited is a publicly listed company, the majority shareholder being Kibbutz Yizre'el, in the international swimming pool market. Maytronics was founded in 1983, and has been manufacturing its line of robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin, ever since.

The Dolphin is a world leading brand which has set new technological standards in the field of swimming pool cleaning and is renowned for its innovation, design and reliability.

Maytronics was listed in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in 2004 and is valued today at over 2.6 billion shekels.

Maytronics holds a 46% global market share in robotic pool cleaners for the residential market. The Company has 3 subsidiaries in the U.S., France and Australia and dozens of independent distributors worldwide.
The company operates 3 business sectors:

Swimming Pool Cleaning Robots:
The Dolphin pool cleaning robot is a smart solution for the comprehensive cleaning of every type of swimming pool in any condition. The Dolphin has an effective user friendly filtration system designed to collect rough and fine debris and an active brushing system to scrub the floor and walls of the pool as well as remove any bacteria and algae. It has a built-in computerized scanning and navigation system that, with the help of water-jet technology and / or drive motors systems, enables the robot to cover the entire pool, reach every corner, effectively clean along the water-line and avoid obstacles. The Dolphin is equipped with an IoT WiFi card connected to a cloud and Maytronics Big Data Analytics and is easily accessed and operated via a mobile application enabling manual control,setting of various cleaning modes and receiving valuable usability information , all for the purpose of providing an exceptional experience of a pure, clean, safe and relaxing swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Safety: 
Automatic Swimming Pool Covers - The range of pool covers, which include above water, in water, and solar operated mechanism, are designed to provide effective coverage all year round. The automatically-operated covers shield the pool keeping it clean and maintaining water temperature. The strong covers also contribute to a safer swimming pool environment.
The Maytronics Pool Cover meets international safety standards and also provides the following benefits:

  • Very user friendly to install and operate;
  • keeps water temperatures balanced and therefore saves energy;
  • Prevents water evaporation thus saving water and chemicals;
  • Prevents dust and dirt from entering the pool – saving in maintenance costs;
  • Protects the swimming pool surfaces by blocking the sun's rays.

Pool Alarms for private pool
The Maytronics fall sensing alarm system triggers powerful sirens at poolside and inside the house whenever someone accidentally falls into the pool. The computerized system helps pool owners monitor what is happening in the pool around the clock. All the products meet the most stringent international safety standards.

Pool Alarms for commercial public pools
Poseidon systems precise and detailed lines of aquatic imaging code enables it to accurately detect when a person is in a ‘drowning’ state as opposed to just being ‘still’ in the water, leading to the system being activated only in true emergency situations.

Water Technologies:
Maytronics is entering the “smart Pool” arena with an innovative and comprehensive solution to support pool owners and pool professionals in their pool maintenance routines. Maytronics’ Water Technologies solution, currently under development, is based on a unique proprietary technology, which allows an enhanced sensing and analytics performance in comparison to all competitors’ solutions. The system integrates software and hardware and include advanced user applications that promote exceptional experience for pool owners and allow pool professionals to capture maximum value from their business activity. The system will be available in number of configurations and price point to address wide consumer segments and needs. The system will be launched gradually along the coming 2 years with first SW modules available commercially starting early 2019.

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