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Residential Pool Cleaning Robots

Dolphin pool cleaners offer the most efficient and cost-effective method for achieving a consistently clean pool.

A Dolphin For Every Pool

Dolphin robotic pool cleaners clean any type or shape of pool - efficiently and thoroughly. No other automatic, residential pool cleaner comes close to Dolphin robots' ease of use, performance and reliability – delivering years of cost effective pool cleaning.


The Dolphin Difference

No matter the size, shape or type of pool, nothing cleans like a Dolphin. Made by the robotic pool cleaner leader, Dolphin robots reliably deliver outstanding cleaning performance. With Dolphin, pool surfaces and water are left clean and healthy, every time.

Crystal-clear cleaning
Crystal-clear cleaning

Advanced filtration, scanning, navigation and brushing technologies, built-in with every Dolphin

Effortless operation
Effortless operation

Designed for effortless handling and emptying, simple operation, and fast and easy maintenance

Peace of mind
Peace of mind

Top performing robots that offer long-lasting reliability, backed by industry-leading guaranties

"Works wonderfully. Named him "Flipper" and he does a GREAT job. I love that I can put him in and walk away to do other things and know that after 2-3 hours my pool is super clean and ready to go." -Cindy Lindeman, WI

"I have used Dolphin cleaners since 2003. That Dolphin served me well for 12 years without a problem. The time came to replace the cleaner. My decision was easy. I purchased the Dolphin M500." -Jerry Filippone, IL

"I watched the model in the tank at the place where I get my water checked for about 2 years. It looked amazing but I could not afford to buy at that time. The business then started to rent them out and I was hooked! No other pool cleaner grabbed my attention like the Dolphin." -Tracey Ellis, VA

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