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Best Performance

Designed for 21st-century pool owners, meet our smartest, most advanced robotic pool cleaners, here to deliver a whole new level of pool cleaning performance. Each model is masterfully crafted to provide incomparable pool scrubbing and cleaning, with a cutting-edge water filtration system, and the best warranty on the market. As part of their advanced design, our best performance Dolphins also include cloud-connectivity via 'MyDolphin™ Plus' mobile app, giving you ultimate cleaning and complete control anytime, anywhere.

Best Seller

Meet our range of best-selling pool cleaners, designed to give you more time to simply enjoy your pool. Our top sellers are the #1 choice for pool owners and their families, for their ease of use, advanced scrubbing and brushing capabilities, and superior filtration system. Each of our bestselling Dolphins provide pool owners with a hassle-free cleaning solution of unmatched performance and longevity. Join pool owners around the world, already enjoying their clean pool and their free time.

Best Value

Make the most of your pool with our budget-friendly, best-value Dolphin range. Offering easy, energy-saving, cost-effective operation for above ground pools (up to 30 feet) and in-ground pools (up to 33 feet). Our best-value Dolphins are lightweight and compact. They include a top-access filter system with quick water release, and are super-easy to handle and carry, making sure your pool stays spotless and your pool time as hassle-free as possible.

Commercial Pool Cleaners

Our WAVE range offers professional pool cleaning for large and extra-large commercial pools. Our commercial Dolphins are designed to handle any size, shape, and condition with their powerful, heavy-duty capabilities. Wave Dolphins minimize interference, while providing maximum performance and ease of use, making them the ideal choice for any commercial pool.

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