Garantie (ans) : 1
  • The Dolphin Universal Caddy Fits any Cleaner for Easy Transport and Storage
  • Maytronics Certified Genuine Parts; Keep your Dolphin pool cleaner in top condition
  • Le Caddy s'adapte à n'importe quel robot de piscine Dolphin pour un transport et un stockage facilité
  • Pièces d'origine certifiées Maytronics ; Gardez votre robot de piscine Dolphin en parfait état

Caractéristiques techniques

  • Compatible Robots Pro X2, Dolphin Pro X2, Wave 100, Dolphin C6, Dolphin Hydro 40, Dolphin Evolution 40, F40, PS40, SF40, Dolphin SF40, Dolphin Swell M, Dolphin X60, PS50, F50, Dolphin Maxi Kart, Dolphin SF50, Dolphin M400, Dolphin Wave 80, Dolphin C5 PRO, Dolphin Pro X1, BIO SUCTION, Dolphin BIO SUCTION, Dolphin PoolBot PBIO, Dolphin M500, POOL IN, POOL UP, Dolphin POOL UP, Dolphin Swift, Dolphin X FORCE 10, M200, Dolphin M200, Dolphin M200, Dolphin DX3, Dolphin Swell, Dolphin Swash CL, Dolphin X FORCE 20, Dolphin X FORCE 30, Dolphin PoolBot PB10, Dolphin Evolution 10, Dolphin IZZY CLIMB, Dolphin Cainan 1, Dolphin PoolBot PB25, S50, Dolphin S100, S100, Dolphin E10, Dolphin RUN 10, ZFUN, Dolphin ZFUN, POOLSTYLE, Dolphin SM 10, Dolphin POOLSTYLE, Dolphin SX 10, POOLSTYLE PLUS, POOLSTYLE ADVANCED, Dolphin Seamaster AG, Dolphin MAESTRO 10, Dolphin MR 10, Dolphin Evolution 25, Dolphin E25, Dolphin SCOOP SMART, E30, Dolphin Evolution 30, Dolphin MAESTRO 30, Dolphin MR 30, Dolphin PoolBot PB30, Dolphin RUN 30, Dolphin Seamaster Plus, Superpool, S200, Z1B, Dolphin WOLLY, POOLSTYLE 30, Dolphin SM 30, SX 30, Dolphin WOLLY, Dolphin Avalon 30, Dolphin Cainan 2, Dolphin CARRERA 30, Dolphin E30, Dolphin ENERGY 200, Dolphin EX20, Dolphin FORMULA 30, Dolphin HAMMER PLUS, Dolphin Superpool, Dolphin Z1B, Dolphin Blue Maxi 30, Dolphin FON 30, Dolphin WOLLY, Dolphin POOLSTYLE 30, Dolphin SM 30, Dolphin SX 30, E35, Dolphin E35i, E40i, Dolphin Seamaster INT, S300i BIO, E50i, Dolphin MAESTRO 50i, POOLSTYLE 50i, Dolphin Smart Active, Dolphin Maximus X55, Dolphin SOPRA CLASSIC, Dolphin X55, Dolphin Active X3, Dolphin Zenit 10, Dolphin M250, Dolphin DIVER PRO 120, Dolphin KAPTUR 120, Dolphin Zenit 12, Dolphin Zenit 12, M600, Dolphin M600, Zenit 60, Dolphin Zenit 60, Dolphin Active Ultimate, Dolphin Active X6, E60i, Dolphin M700, Dolphin Zenit 70, Dolphin Active X7, Dolphin XT3, Dolphin XT2, W20, Dolphin W20, Dolphin Liberty 200, Dolphin Liberty 200, Liberty 300, Dolphin, Dolphin Wave 100
  • Garantie (ans) 1

  • Dimension du packaging 589.0x489.0x325.0 mm
  • Poids total 6.5 Kg.

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