Maytronics is a global leader in the swimming pool industry, specializing in pool water solutions aiming to create exceptional water experience. Our products include a wide variety of robotic pool cleaners, pool-safety products, and water treatment systems. We use innovative, automatic technologies to make pool maintenance simple and efficient, enabling pool owners to enjoy a clean, healthy and safe pool.


From the time it was founded in 1983, Maytronics has been producing its leading product line – Dolphin pool cleaning robots, a globally known name, Dolphin set new industry standards for technology innovation, design and reliability, and most important, meeting our (brand) promise of bringing the highest/superior level of cleaning to pool water.

Maytronics in the Pool Market – A Story of Growth:


Between 2010-2020, Maytronics’ share of the global market for robotic cleaners for private swimming pools grew from 32% to 50%, and Maytronics holds 37% of the public pool market. Our technology, service, distribution channels, product range, business focus, under the umbrella of our product and marketing strategies, drove this growth, supported by a strong organizational culture and a strategy of creating significant long-term relationships with everyone and in every aspect of our business.

Swimming Pool Safety: 


Automatic Swimming Pool Covers


The range of pool covers, which include above water, in water, and solar operated mechanisms, are designed to provide effective coverage all year round. The automatically-operated covers shield the pool keeping it clean and maintaining water temperature. The strong covers also contribute to a safer swimming pool environment.

The Maytronics Pool Cover meets international safety standards and also provides the following benefits

  • Very user friendly to install and operate;
  • keeps water temperatures balanced and therefore saves energy;
  • Prevents water evaporation thus saving water and chemicals;
  • Prevents dust and dirt from entering the pool – saving in maintenance costs;
  • Protects the swimming pool surfaces by blocking the sun's rays.