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Dave Harris
Jun 27, 2021
Dolphin E10 Robotic Pool Cleaner

What an amazing unit. It has my pool looking the best it's ever been! So easy to use and clean. Wish I'd have bought this last year! Highly recommend!

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Tracy B
Aug 6, 2019

This robot saved my mind. I was having issues with algae and my cheaper robot died. Chemicals $$$$$$ vacuuming, 😖😖 etc. . I went online and researched and found Dolphin, the reviews were great, warranty looked good. I have a very large above ground and purchased the E10 online and followed advice on some reviews about the filters and within a week had a crystal sparkling pool. I brag about my Dolphin and HIGHLY recommend to all my friends with pools.

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Dave Hergott
Jul 28, 2019
Dolphin E 10

Used in my 30' diameter above ground and it worked daily for 3-4 hours per day. Had a faulty power box, but that was quickly solved by there excellent service department. That was 2015. Since, moved to a 20x40 in ground with diving board and the E 10 has worked up to 9 hours per day and has done a great job. Excellent engineered product. Need to order new filter basket, but hey, after 50,000 miles your car needs new tires too.

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Pat Klein
May 31, 2019

Just upgraded to the E10 from a different make of robot that's several years old. I am amazed at how quickly the E10 cleaned my pool, scrubbing the floor and eliminating the fine algae on the bottom. So worth it!

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Adam Chang
Feb 17, 2020
Very good

Fair price, very good build. Good design for the filter. Perfect fit for my small irregular in ground pool. 2 year warranty and there is actually customer service representative when you call.

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Kathleen Erwin
Aug 20, 2019

Love this cleaner just wish it had a swivel cord

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May 24, 2018
Inground pool

Works great for my inground pool. Exactly what I was looking for!

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