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Pool Safety

Maytronics offers a range of solutions to increase pool safety including AQUAlife pool covers and innovative AquaSensor, the pioneer and leader in pool alarms.

Pool Alarms

The AquaSensor fall sensing alarm system triggers powerful sirens at poolside and inside the house whenever someone accidentally falls into the pool. The computerized system helps pool owners monitor what is happening in the pool around the clock. All AquaSensor products meet the most stringent international safety standards.

Pool Covers

The AQUAlife range of pool covers, which include above water, in water, and solar operated machanism, are designed to provide effective coverage all year round. The automatically-operated covers shield the pool keeping it clean and maintaining water temperature. The strong covers also contribute to a safer swimming pool environment.


water-powered motor for pool covers

The automatic Aqualife Hydro inside cover is powered by water with no electrical connections required.
A simple water pipe connects the motor to the domestic network.

The energy provided by pressurised water provides the motor with the energy required to operate the cover’s winding mechanism.

Maytronics’ water-powered motors come with a 5-year warranty.



Poseidon computer-aided drowning detection system

Poseidon is state-of-the-art computer vision and aquatic image processing technology

  • An added layer of protection in aquatic facility environments
  • Complements lifeguards' vigilance
  • Provides independent surveillance (no human monitoring required)
  • Recognizes texture, volume and movement within a pool Monitors activities of all swimmers in the pool
  • Differentiates between "normal" and "suspicious" movements
  • Tracks trajectory of suspicious object
  • Sounds audible alert and gives visual display of object's location coordinates
  • Able to monitor multiple events simultaneously

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